Yubico security keys are about to become even more secure with fingerprint readers

rubico security key

Securing your online account from phishing attacks will be easier because Yubico has announced that the Bio Yubikey series is now available.

The Yubikey Bio series is the first security key company that supports fingerprint recognition to log in without a password and second factor that is safe. Yubico designed its newest security key for biometric authentication on Desktop and Mac PCs and supports modern Fido2 / Webauthn and U2F protocols when available in the USB-A and USB-C form factor.

Yubikey Bio can now be purchased on the company’s website even though you need to pay a little more if you want a device in a USB-c form factor. While Bio Yubikey with USB-A worth $ 80 (around £ 58), Yubikey Bio with USB-C worth $ 85.

rubico security key

If you are looking for a security key with NFC support, you might better choose the Yubikey 5 Yubico series, not Bio Yubikey. Fortunately, the company has made a quiz on its website to help you determine the best security key for your needs.

Yubikey Bio Series.

Just like with other Yubikey Yubico devices, Yubikey Bio does not require additional batteries, drivers or software. Instead this device is designed to integrate with the original biometric registration and management features supported in the latest platform and operating system.

As a result, after Bio Yubikey is set, the user will be able to use it to secure the authentication of the second factor and log in without a password for services and applications supported by Fido-supported Fido. Outside the box, the device works with the workspace of Citrix, Duo, Github, IBM security verification, Active Directory of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Okta and Ping Identity.

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The Yubikey Bio series also displays three chip architecture that allows biometric fingerprint data stored in separate secure elements that provide enhanced protection from physical attacks. It acts as a root trust supported by a trusted single hardware that can be utilized by users to authenticate with the same key on several desktop devices, operating systems and applications.

Director of the product management partner in the identity of Microsoft and the Sue Bohn network access division praised Yubico’s latest security key in a press release, by saying:

“The more customers prefer biometric methods, because they provide strong and easier security protection and faster to enter than passwords. Yubico carefully consider customer needs in designing biometric keys to make it safe and simple enough for anyone For use. A Fido2 Yubikey with a biometric sensor is the cause of the celebration. “

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