Your Phone is also about to receive a change to adapt to Windows 11

Windows 11 widgets

Even though there is now a lot of talk about Android integration in Windows 11, the truth is that this is a topic that is close to this previous system. Everyone knows the application of your cellphone and the bridge is formed between these two operating systems.

This has been stopped and nothing new, but now interesting information has appeared. In the last Microsoft presentation, your mobile application seems quietly, but with radical changes in the picture. Everyone points to the fact that it will soon adapt to Windows 11.

windows 11 screen

Since introducing Windows 11, Microsoft has increased its application interface. This is closer to what is now the Windows 11 interface, so it adapts to what this system gives in this very important field.

Microsoft’s last presentation, which brought us so much news, had one hidden in front of the eye. We talk about a new face of your mobile application, which is seen with a fully renovated design and thus tailored to this system.

From what we can see, there are interesting changes, with notifications now move to the left side of this application. Thus, they are simpler to be managed by users, because it flows in a sustainable and natural way.

There are also changes from various fields given your phone application to a new place, more natural and simpler. We talked about the new position at the top of the interface, making it more accessible and even easier for users to find it.

windows 11 your phone
New Your Phone app interface on Windows 11

This change does not have a date to be presented to the public, but of course it won’t be a long time to come true. Windows 11 will arrive on October 5 and at that time we must have news about this change that will occur.

With so many changes that come to Windows 11, it is only natural that Microsoft will expand the existence of these elements into other applications. We have seen it happening in applications such as photos and snipping tools, with very positive results that please users.

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