Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 comes exclusively to Playstation 5 With A Rumored Multiplayer Game In The Works

spider man 2

PlayStation 5 will have two exclusive Marvel games with the release of Marvel’s Wolverine and Spider-Man 2.

While the console owner might be happy with this, it looks like they will get more. However, these are only rumors at the moment.

What happens is that Nick Bacer, people who often share rumors of industry and some of them turned out to be true, convincing this information. In the latest episode of the Xboxera podcast, Baker explained that the source told him that there was also a multiplayer Marvel project in development.

According to Baker, there are some details that the source prohibits sharing because it will make them identify where information originates. That said, you have a reason to believe that if the project turns out real, it will be exclusive for Playstation 5.

Baker believes the Insomniac game, which handles Wolverine and Spider-Man 2, will be responsible for this project. It won’t make sense, because the studio has recruited staff to work on multiplayer projects. Note that the above is just the allegations of insiders and not something confirmed by the source.

In recent months Marvel has worked on various projects with different developers. For this reason it is very possible that we will see more brand projects in the future and maybe some of them will become multiplayers. Will it be another exclusive for Playstation? We will see later.

And you, what do you think about this rumor? Do you think we will see other exclusive Marvel for Playstation? Tell us in the comments.

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