Here Is a Chance To Win a $100 Dollar Amazon Gift Card Each Month.

Amazon Gift Card, Amazon Logo

Are you enjoying being involved in the TekYak community? We are happy and want to show our appreciation to you. And to show our appreciation, at the end of each month we are giving one lucky random registered member a $100 dollar Amazon gift card. But in order to have a chance of winning, you must show your appreciation to us.

Below are the list of rules for a chance to win a $100 US dollar Amazon gift card each month.

  1. Must be registered with a valid email address. We will contact you through the email used to sign up on TekYak. Not registered? Click Here To Sign Up.
  2. Must like our Facebook page.
  3. Must have started and/or replied to 25 forum topics within the current month. Commenting on articles written from TekYak during the current month is also included within the 25 responses. Bonus points if more than 25 topics.
    • Bonus points are:
      • If you start/respond to 50 topics, you will get a doubled chance of winning a $100 Dollar Gift Card
      • If you start/respond to 75 topics, you will get tripled chance of winning a $100 Dollar Gift Card
      • If you start/respond to 100 topics, you will get quadrupled chance of winning a $100 Dollar Gift Card
  4. The 25 Topics need to be technology related. Cryptocurrency is acceptable.
  5. Must invite at least five people to join TekYak. Bonus points if they also register.
    • If all five referred members sign up through your email invites, you will get double the chance of winning.
    • How do I send invites?
      • First, you must be logged into your account. Visit your profile page. In your profile page is a link called “Email Invites”. Click on that and an invite page will load up for you to email your friends/family.

Also, not a must, but extra bonus points to win a $100 Dollar Amazon gift card if you share any articles from TekYak on any social media site (Facebook, Twitter)