Star Citizen | The biggest project in gaming with no plans of releasing

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Video games have come a long way since their invention in the 1950s. Back then, video games were only capable of simple things such as tic-tac-toe and the ever famous Pong. Nowadays, many video games are set in vast worlds with the player character able to do wondrous things. Video games now can be considered technical masterpieces and leaders in innovation.

Even the accessibility of video game making has come a long way. In today’s world, anybody with a strong enough computer can dedicate their time to making video games. We have even seen independent developers and even single people who have created award-winning video games. However, while this may be true, usually large teams, years of development, and a large number of funds are needed to create revolutionary video games that change the industry standard.

It may surprise you that one project currently has a large team, 10+ years of development, 400+ million dollars of funds spent, yet no release date yet in sight. One such video game that is attempting to be revolutionary in the industry is Star Citizen, the biggest unreleased gaming project in tech news.

What is Star Citizen

Star citizen seems to be trying to become the greatest space game ever created, but just what is taking so long? Well, the project first started crowdfunding in 2011 and has not stopped since. Since 2011, they have raised over 380 million dollars alone in crowdfunding with additional other investments which bring the total up to 400+ million dollars of funds raised for Star Citizen.

So with all this money and all this time, why have they not released their game yet? Star Citizen is notorious for its insane promises of video game features and additions – it is a large part of the reason it is so big in tech news. It is also notorious for missing its deadlines and even increasing the already incredibly large scope of the game.

Big claims, bigger expectations.

Star Citizen has made some large promises in terms of additions and features to be added to the game. In fact, the game’s director has stated that he wanted to create an entire universe within Star Citizen for its players to explore.

The problem here is, what Star Citizen is envisioning has never been done before in the video game industry. Tech news has not heard of a game with the capabilities promised by Star Citizen. Therefore, no one is entirely sure how to implement this, much less if it is possible with the current technology of man. And as Star Citizen takes more and more time working on the game, the expectations of its backers and eagerly awaiting fans grow only bigger.

Future of Star Citizen

With no release date in sight, and a mountain of work still needed to be done to complete the game, fans of Star Citizen can only hope that the game they donated funds to does not end up like the crowdfunding failures of the past. At this point, fans eagerly await any updates they can get about the game and its development.

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