Grand Theft Auto Series Being Remastered

The latest tech news is about a very popular video game series called Grand Theft Auto. The game series is an example of the open world environments that gamers can play in. This article will discuss the latest tech news in regards to three of the iconic Grand Theft Auto series games that will be remastered for the current gaming console generation.

In this recent tech news, the video game publisher Rockstar Games has been reportedly working on the remasters of three of the most popular Grand Theft Auto games in the iconic series. The games are Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The remastered versions of the games will be on multiple gaming platforms in the current generation of game consoles. Therefore, Microsoft and Sony gaming consoles will have the console remastered versions of the game. The current Sony and Xbox gaming consoles are the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Google Stadia will have the mobile version of the games. However, the mobile versions may not be available on the market until next year.

Rockstar has been working on this project for a while. Originally, the video game publisher wanted to offer the remastered collection of the three Grand Theft Auto games to gamers who buy the Xbox Series and Playstation 5 remaster of Grand Theft Auto 5. However, Rockstar decided to do a standalone debut for III, San Andreas, and Vice City. They wanted the games to be debuted this year, but plans for the release were pushed back due to the ongoing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All three of the games will be remade using the Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is a video game engine created by Epic Games. Since its debut in the popular first person shooter game, Unreal, the Unreal Engine game engine in a wide variety of 3D video games. It is very popular among PC gamers and console gamers due to its realistic graphics. Due to these games being remastered for the current gaming generation of consoles, the graphics from the Playstation 2 era of the games will be beefed up for higher resolution displays on high definition televisions.

A Brief History of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto III, San Andreas, and Vice City debuted from 2001 to 2004. All three became the top selling games on the Playstation 2 console. At the time of their release on Playstation 2 console, they had a unique graphical look. Grand Theft Auto III was the first game in the series to be developed into a fully realized 3D world compared to the 2D worlds that were shown in the previous games in the series. In its debut in 2001, the series sold over 14.5 million copies. The development of the game was created between a partnership between Rockstar Games and DMA Design.

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