Softbank’s Pepper, The humanoid robot

Success or failure?

Modern educational robots

Whenever we talk about modern technologies,

Whether smart toilets, smartphones, smart locks, or smart cameras.

One smart technology cross our mind for sure,

Yes, none other than robots!

Robots have been in limelight for a very long time, from the first-ever robot introduced in the early 1950s by an investor from Louisville, Kentucky, named George C. Devol, which quite didn’t succeed but the robot invention story didn’t end up here later on many inventors introduced robots working for different purposes

Many robots can be seen from small to big, different shapes and functions,

But the ones that people get more fascinated about are the ones who look like us, maybe its cause we can resemble them and relate to a certain degree.

You must have heard famous Sophia the robot getting so much highlight.

Today the Modern robot we have in our blog is Soft banks humanoid robot and they recently introduced their robots especially for educational purposes.

Pepper was first introduced by SoftBank Robotics’on 5 June 2014 in Tokyo by Masayoshi Son, who is the founder of Softbank.

  • Pepper is the world’s best social humanoid robot able to recognize human activities and emotions.
  • It has 20 degrees of freedom which make pepper natural and very expressive.
  • Pepper, who stands 120cm tall, has no trouble observing his surroundings and striking up a conversation when he sees someone.
  • On his chest, a touch screen shows content to highlight messages and aid communication.
  • His curved design ensures risk-free operation and excellent user acceptance.
  • Over 2,000 are adopting pepper to help them in business and schools.
  • Pepper is the best robot for the role of assistant and can welcome, inform and guide the visitor in a fun and innovative way.
  • Pepper is a perfect robot for humans super friendly and programmable.
  • Pepper also knows dialogue and 15 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Dutch and more.
  • It also has touch sensors, LEDs, and microphones for multimodal interactions.
  • Open, fun, and programmable platform.
  • Pepper is a fully developed, friendly, and fun robot to help you in your life and make your life easier.
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Recently introduced

Tethys, an academic integrated development environment (IDE) it is meant to show students the way to code. Students can program the humanoid for gestures including walk, talk, gesticulate, and display various messages on its screen in real-time using the software. The program is introduced to inspire a new generation of engineers and roboticists, according to the company.

  • Pepper can easily establish an empathetic bond with children, encourage and motivate them to engage in physical and intellectual activities, as well as improve social and emotional abilities.
  • Humanoid robots are already being utilized to conduct successful inclusive practices and enhance education for kids with disabilities such as autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, and IEPs (Individualized Education Programs).
  • This emotional robot helps in the reduction of shyness, reluctance, insecurity, and dissatisfaction in youngsters, as well as the improvement of social skills and self-esteem. Pepper is an effective tool for promoting acceptance of special education in mainstream classrooms while also cultivating positive attitudes and perspectives.

Final words

Recently it is heard that SoftBank Group Corp is cutting workers in its worldwide robotics unit and has halted production of its Pepper robot, according to reports, but according to SoftBank in a statement that it “will still make major investments in next-generation robots to serve our customers and partners.

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