Smartwatches boost in growth with Xiaomi and Apple fighting for leadership


Apple was the company that sold the most smartwatches between April and June this year and is getting closer and closer to Xiaomi, which leads the wearables market.

The wearables market grew 5.6% in the second quarter of the year, to a total of 40.9 million units. The data compiled by Canalys show that watches have more and more weight in this universe. Until a year ago they represented fewer units sold than the bands, in the following quarter both practically equaled sales and, from then on, smartwatches came to dominate. Between April and June 2021, the number of bands shipped by manufacturers to stores dropped 23.8% to 15.5 million units, while the number of watches sold increased 37.9% to 25.4 million units. It now represents 62% of the wearables market. 

people wearing smartwatches

Apple dominates the watch segment, with almost a third of the units shipped to stores in the quarter (31.1%) coming out of the apple company, the equivalent of 7.9 million units, an annual growth of 29.4 %.

The second place in the ranking belongs to Huawei, which sold 2.3 million units in the period under review, a number that allowed it to hold the position, but which translates to a drop of 33.9% in sales. Garmin, Samsung, and Xiaomi close the top 5, with Xiaomi having the most spectacular growth in the ranking. In comparison with the second quarter of last year, the Huawei compatriot managed to increase sales of smartwatches by 272.6%, going from an almost residual volume of units shipped (400 thousand) to 1.5 million.


Xiaomi is also the leader in the wearables market, as a whole, by the sum of units sold, including watches and bands, with a share of 19.6%, which it managed to strengthen slightly in the last year, when it sold eight million wearables. Apple follows the Chinese manufacturer very closely, with 7.9 million units sold in the period and a 19.3% share, which grew almost 30% in the last year. The top 5 of the wearables market closed with Samsung, which registered the most significant growth (114.1%) between the second quarter of 2020 and the same period of 2021.       

Canalys emphasizes that the features that allow the monitoring of health-related parameters have increasingly asserted themselves as the great differentiator of these devices. Therefore, the market research company defends that the brands with the greatest potential for success will be those that manage to continue to differentiate themselves in these characteristics. 

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