Norton buys Avast: keys to a 6.8 billion

The electronic landscape is in a heyday thanks to the growing focus on digital and technological media. In this way, the demands of users, consumers, and companies have also evolved, especially in the field of cybersecurity. Not only has the digital presence increased in the last year, but also the risks of cyberattacks and their intensity.

Starting from this point, the announcement of Norton LifeLock, a leading American company in the cybersecurity sector, comes just at the best moment. This is the acquisition of another of the leading global digital security companies, Avast. With this operation, Norton will acquire the entire capital of Avast.

Norton and Avast team up to create a new cybersecurity super organization

From a numerical point of view, this transaction is among the main ones in the technology sector so far this year, with an estimated value of 8,000 million dollars, about 6,800 million euros. Thus, upon purchase, Avast shareholders will receive a combined benefit of cash and Norton shares.

On the other hand, Ondrej Vlcek, CEO of Avast, will become President and part of the Board of Directors of Norton LifeLock, at the same time as Pavel Baudis, co-founder and current director of Avast, will join in the position of Independent Director. Thus, the company will maintain a dual presence between Arizona, where Norton’s headquarters resides, and Prague, where Avast’s headquarters are located.

According to what was expressed by the boards of directors, this merger will be a milestone in the current cybersecurity market, hoping that the resulting new company will position itself as a leader in the field of digital security and privacy in this new era of great technological impact. As Vlcek suggests, the union of these two large technology companies will be a great step in improving the user experience and the fight against cyberattacks on the network.

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“Our talented teams will have better opportunities to innovate and develop improved solutions and services, with better capabilities to access superior data insights. Through our well-established brands, greater geographic diversification, and access to a larger global user base, the combined businesses will be prepared to access the significant growth opportunity that exists around the world.”

A strategic merger for a new technological era

Both Norton and Avast have been listed as the leading security solutions in the digital world for years, achieving a combined base of more than 500 million users, and quarterly revenues of more than 750 million euros. They also have a deep-rooted presence in different sectors, with business, personal, and even mobile protection products, posing a multiplatform base for the resulting company.

In the same way, considerable growth and innovation are expected due to the union of both companies, starting from their two solid but different bases. For both companies, the management focused on consumers is the priority, these being the most affected in cases of attacks, malware, etc. However, Avast’s vision is more inclined towards user privacy, a very sensitive issue in today’s landscape. For its part, Norton, has products more focused on identity protection against scams, theft, or phishing.

The convergence of both priorities and the joint effort of the work teams propose an innovative and reinforced solution for the new digital problems, which have been widely promoted since the last pandemic year.

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