Netflix is now buying Game Studio “Night School Studio”

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The fact that Netflix’s streaming provider now also enters the game industry has not been secretly secret for a long time. The development update has now leaked out. It is now reported that Netflix will be buying “Night School Studio” game studio.

To ward off streaming competition pressure such as “Disney +” or “HBO Max”, Netflix wants to expand the offer as soon as possible. Disney+ is particularly able to significantly increase its market share thanks to Marvel Universe and their own produced series and films. “HBO MAX”, however, is known as a series of hits such as “euphoria”. However, it must change with the Netflix gaming sector itself.

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So, who are Night School Studio?

Night School Studio is a California-based developer studio that has been operating since 2016. Among the number of managed titles managed, debut “Oxenfree” is probably the most famous developer game. This game received positive feedback and film adaptation in 2016. The sequel was also announced for 2022 with “Oxenfree II: lost signal”. Publications in the new Netflix gaming area will be imagined and may provide an unclear indication when this will be launched.

The first small game will go into the test phase

Oxenfre, night school studio
A screenshot of “Oxenfree” from Night School Studio.

The game is now in the test stage for customers in several countries. Italy and Spain can look forward to “casual hoops”, “Jeeteter Up” or “Card Blast”. In Poland, on the other hand, Netflix customers can download the smartphone games “Foreigners 3” and “Foreign Things 1984”. There is no known test phase in Germany. It is also surprising that the purchase of free applications still requires redirects to Google PlayStore, although the previous statement states that everything will only take place in the Netflix application.

With Night School Studios, non-mobile games will also complete the Netflix repertoire in the future, so even more customers will soon be by his side. Also convinced that the use of Gaming Netflix offers is included in the subscription price and does not require additional costs. Spin-off of other providers will be provided. However, the increase in subscription prices as soon as the area has been established itself more than possible. At least because investing and development in the game will require a big cost.

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