LinkedIn Fake Job Postings Increasing

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Nowadays, many fake job postings are popping up on LinkedIn. When you see something that is too good to be true then you better think twice about it. As bad as it sounds, anyone can post under a company and make it look like they have a new job posting. Thus, better be aware of fake job postings as they are pretty common nowadays. Nobody knows why these job postings are being posted though because recruiters usually find applicants on Linkedin, not the other way around. This is why many applicants take a lot of time in building up their Linkedin profile. They would want someday to finally get that dream job even if they need to come through a bunch of trials and tribulations along the way. There is indeed a possibility that the posts contain malware so better protect yourself and your computer by availing of firewall protection and malware removal services. You know that you invested a lot in your laptop so the last thing you would want to happen would be for everything you worked hard for to disappear right before your very eyes. As they say, it would be better to be safe than sorry and investing in something like this would be pretty good for your future.

One thing companies can do about fake job posts regarding their company would be to email Linkedin directly about it. Of course, the website won’t condone scammers and the people responsible will be warned then banned if they won’t stop their actions. Unfortunately, there are just too many to keep track so you can’t expect Linkedin to keep track of every single one of them. They’re all good in such a way that they will get taken down one way or the other. You can’t blame yourself if you fall victim to one of them as you can just learn your lesson and go from there. It is believed nothing would happen anyway once you apply to these fake job postings. The real ones would be the ones to call you regarding what the next step is. Of course, it would feel great to be one step closer regarding your dream even if it includes applying to fake job postings. It will be all worth it when you would finally get accepted for the job over other people who were applying for the same thing but failed to get it.

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Even if LinkedIn removes the fake job postings, there will still be people that will make these things. Add that to the fact that some companies may not be aware that there are fake job postings regarding their company. Thus, some applicants must take it upon themselves to inform the company that there are people who are posing as them trying to scam applicants. It is possible some companies have people assigned to do the proper procedure for eliminating those things. Hence, it may only be a matter of time before you won’t see those things anymore.

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