Latest Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker With Clock And Alexa

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Modern technologies you need to know   

   In this era, all you hear about is new and new technologies launching every day, making your way of living easy and easy with each day passing.

     Many of them are those you never heard of before and many of them were already launched and now introducing their latest versions.

    Smart speakers are one of them too.

  This technology has no doubt so many incredible functions.  

   Such as setting your workout alarm, playing soothing music according to your mood, controlling home lights, getting updated about news podcasts, and many more.  

By the title you already must know about the tech we will discuss also you might have even used echo dot (3rd generation)

The 3rd Gen model was released back in 2018,

 It has known to be an excellent little smart speaker, benefitting Amazon by frequent and aggressive sales.

  You must be here to know about its new buddy and its updated version.  

We will get there soon.

Amazon getting attention for its higher-end Echo speakers, including the Echo Studio and the new 4th Gen Echo is no lie, however, the Echo Dot is by far the most popular speaker in the lineup.

Amazon echo dot (4th generation) was launched on 24th Sep 2020.

  Amazon is greatly known for launching new techs suitable for what people consume and look for, as well as branding and selling its products.

 It was first established in 1995.

 This Seattle-based company owned by Jeff Bezos capitalized on the dot-com boom. And ever since had been methodical in branding its brand.

 Whether its online grocery shopping, cloud computing, or video streaming, Amazon no doubt had been in limelight for the brands consuming, storing, and receiving information and entertainment.

Launching and spreading many of its technologies in the 21st century one modern world tech is the amazon echo dot smart speaker too.  

Yes, we won’t make it lengthier anymore but little knowledge costs nothing especially for the new bees.

 Amazon has redesigned the 4th Gen Echo, as well as the Echo Dot. The new 4th Gen Dot comes up with the new spherical design of its larger version, just having a difference of having a smaller scale. You will find them in three different variations:

* The standard model for $49.99,

* The built-in LED clock version with a for $59.99,  

* New cute tiger or panda design edition for kids for $59.99.

  This new Dot is shaped like a ball, its shape is one of the things that caught many people’s eyes, and it has a flat side which has been known to be beneficial for preventing it from rolling off of a shelf.

 The half-sphere is covered in the fabric while the bottom hemisphere with matte plastic.

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It’s about 3.5 inches tall.

Let’s talk about its feature in listicle form to make it easy and fun

* This latest and popular smart speaker comes with an elegant, compact design and Crisp vocals with balanced bass for quality sound.

* It is no question, voice-control your entertainment such as Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and others. Also play music, audiobooks, and podcasts all over your home with multi-room music.  

 * It has features such as asking Alexa to play music, answer questions, play the news, and check the weather, set alarms, and more.   

* It controls your smart home – as you can use your voice to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, and lock doors with compatible devices.  

* The standard new Dot comes up with three different colors — dark gray, light gray, and heather blue — but for some reason, all three colors come with a white power cord.

*The Echo Dot with LED display has a great feature of used as a nightstand alarm clock you can program by voice.

* You can connect with others – you can call almost anyone hands-free. Instantly connect with people in other rooms or announce anything such as to the whole house about the dinner.

* No privacy leak it’s designed to protect your privacy – Amazon takes care of your info as it’s built with multiple layers of privacy controls it includes a mic off button.

*The LED display shows the time, current weather temperature, or volume level but you have to adjust it.

What do reviewers have to say about its downside?

  • The signature LED light ring illuminating light when Alexa is listening is on the bottom side of the Echo Dot, which was opposite in the prior models by being at the top. Which according to too many in practice, hasn’t made much of a difference.
  • Despite being plenty bright, It can be a bit challenging as the light ring can be hard to see when adjusting the volume using the buttons on top.  
  • Sound quality is said to be better on the new echo dot but seems like it’s not as DRAMATIC as it said so.
  • It is said to better-sounding than the 3rd Gen model, but not as much as expected by having just a slight difference.

Final word.

However, the new Echo for sure came with many improvements across the board such as sound quality, features, and design, also as you have been using 3rd gen and looking forward to updated version keeping pros and cons both in mind you can make move ahead by simply ordering it from amazon official site.

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