Knights of the Old Republic: A KOTOR Remake comes as a PS5 exclusive game – Xbox players are left in the dark

KOTOR remake

Rumors about a “KOTOR remake” have been circulating for several months. This game has now officially announced as part of the Playstation Showcase. It gets a simple title “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake” and served with a short teaser trailer, one minute.

The KOTOR remake will come to PS5 and PC – what about Xbox?

The original “KOTOR” was released in 2003 for the PC and the Xbox and widely considered one of the best “Star Wars” games ever existed. On the official PlayStation blog, developers stated that “Knight Republic Remake” will be released exclusively on Playstation 5 from the start.

The Lucasfilm game then confirms that the game will also be released for the PC. At present it is not clear whether the PC version will be launched simultaneously. However, it might be time to consider upgrading your pc soon, just in case.

The developer has not said a word yet about an Xbox version- but this might also come after a while. The release date for remakes has not been set. The development is still at a very early stage.

KOTOR remake
KOTOR Logo. Image courtesy of

Bioware, the original developer studio, is not responsible for this remake, but Aspyr. The studio has republished the other “Star Wars” classic, including “Republican Commandos”, “Episode 1 Racer” and “Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy”. They also ported the original “KOTOR” to iOS devices.

The developers rebuilt the game from the start using new graphics technology while remaining loyal to the core of the story. Some members of the original development team are also involved in producing remakes.

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This is what is meant by “KOTOR”

Knights of the Old Republic “KOTOR” lasted 4,000 years before the initial Galactic Empire and the first “Star Wars” film. As a member of the Jedi, the player traveled across the galaxy with their friends and tried to defeat a mysterious Sith Lord named Darth Malak. The playing role system allows you to retrieve different paths and follow the light or dark side

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