iPhone 13 | The best apple ever made?

So you heard the buzz of the iPhone 13 too?

Apple launching its very latest iPhone Are you enough hyped to jump to this new tech too?

Well, for that you must know what this new device comes up with and how better it is from your current phone.

iPhone 13 has been in highlights since its been confirmed to be in process,

What new this tech has to offer and what new people are about to see,

Well, same as always It is rumored that the iPhone 13 would be launched this month September.

There are a lot of leaks and news going on about its features and programs.

But what we have learned so far is what we going to discuss today in this blog.

 iPhone 13 would have 4 models the same as iPhone 12 and all are expected to be in the same sizes as the 4 iPhone 12 models.

Knowing that the iPhone 12 mini didn’t work well much, Apple might still carry on as the production might have started months ago before getting sales ratio.

The notch-less or smaller notch on all four models

In terms of the iPhone 13’s design, it is heard that the notch on all models will be eliminated, which could mean we might see an always-on display on the upcoming iPhone as well. Even when the display is turned off, this capability allows us to display text, date, time, or graphics on our screen.

• A15 Bionic chip would be faster

•Better 5G with the new modem

• Comes with an Astrophotography feature

•Portrait mode video feature

• For the Pro model display, dynamic refresh rates of 120Hz are available.

•Ability to communicate through satellite

• On the Pro versions, the ultrawide lens has been improved.

•All four iPhone 13 models are rumored to have larger batteries.

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What could be the possible price?

as  Apple’s pricing for each new iPhone, generation tends to be similar to that of the previous one so it’s predicted that the iPhone 13 will be priced similarly to the iPhone 12 which means $699, $799, $999, and $1,099.

Many dummy models have been launched as well to get a better idea of how this phone going to be like. This includes pretty much the same size as i phone 12 series.

According to that,

  • New colors could be expected including bronze.
iPhone 13
Picture taken from https://www.idropnews.com/

The camera orientation might change because the elements are said to be larger as we said earlier, better camera more options, whichcould be in the same room on the upper part giving us a hint about the difference in camera orientation.

It was also heard that the iPhone 13 was expected to be port less, relying solely on wireless charging. Also, Top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has announced Apple’s plan to remove all ports from the iPhone 13 Pro Max this year. However, the same expert said earlier this year that this year’s iPhone models will all retain their Lightning connector rather than switching to USB-C or going port less. Because Apple already has a Qi-based MagSafe charger that has been confirmed to work with other phone brands, it seems likely that they are looking to a wireless future to some extent.

Final word

 The date is still not confirmed though, but again Apple might set a date to show off its new iPhone, in September as it’s their traditional launch month,

By the leaks and rumors, we did get the basic idea of what it will come with but again the real deal of experiencing it would be once it’s launched, we will for sure then get a better idea of how much it’s improved in comparison to its previous buddies.

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