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On Snapchat and Instagram you get the option that you send a photo, you will see the front and then the photo will become ‘Mr. India’, meaning it will disappear. Now WhatsApp is also testing one such feature, in which photos will disappear after sending

One website is WABetaInfo. It keeps an eye on upcoming features of WhatsApp. This was shown by tweeting a screenshot of this ‘Chumantar’ feature, along with some information. Told that soon this feature can come on WhatsApp. The message you send will disappear after opening the front. WABetaInfo tells that this feature will be seen in future iOS and Android apps.

The website claims that photos disappearing under this feature cannot be taken out of WhatsApp. Meaning, they will not be visible in the photo gallery, nor will you be able to save them nor forward. If you are talking about screenshots, then maybe its door is still open. Because according to the news, WhatsApp has not yet implemented a system preventing screenshots. This is to say that in a way, the whole concept is a bit different from  what is Islam on Snapchat, but is close to Instagram Direct.

How will the ‘Chumantar’ feature work?
The screenshot of this upcoming feature of  WhatsApp, given by WABetaInfo, shows that you will be able to send the missing picture only by using the camera button in WhatsApp, it is not so. You can send a missing message to any photo in your phone’s gallery. See the screenshot in the tweet below.

After selecting the photo, you have to press the button that resembles the clock. This button will be next to the caption portion. After pressing it, your photo will become a small photo. But it will not disappear under any time limit. This photo will be automatically deleted when the person in front sees it and goes back after seeing it. Information about the disappearance of the photo will also be visible to the photo viewer.

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Instagram already has such a feature
The new feature of WhatsApp is different from what is islam on  its existing disappearing message feature. In the old feature, all kinds of messages get deleted automatically after a week. But this upcoming feature will quickly disappear after seeing the latest photos. Instagram Direct’s photo vanishing feature works in a similar way. The sender selects the photo and sends it and disappears as soon as the people in front of it come back to the chat.

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