Google’s Pixel 6 is due in stores on September 13. Before or after news from Apple and Samsung?

pixel 6

September promises to be an exciting month for enthusiasts of the latest innovations in the world of smartphones, at least that’s what the rumors cited by various sources guarantee. The most recent take for granted September 13 for the launch of Google’s new Pixel smartphones.

There is new information circulating on the internet about the alleged release date of Google’s Pixel 6. According to a source in China, quoted by various media in the international press, the new generation of Google’s own-brand smartphone will be launched on September 13, globally.

If confirmed, the date will make Google one more manufacturer to “come ahead” with news, in a month that promises to be lively in terms of ads for new smartphones.

When it introduced the models in early August, the company said in a statement that “these new phone models redefine what it means to be a Pixel. From the new design that combines the same beautiful aesthetics between software and hardware with Android 12, to the new SoC Tensor, everything will be better when using Pixel”.

In addition to the SoC Tensor designed with AI technologies such as machine learning in mind, Google also confirmed the update of the rear camera module and indicated that the models would be built in new materials, such as the aluminum frame of the Pro version.

Other details shared by some media that had access to a private presentation of equipment, such as The Verge, referred to the date that the Pixel 6 Pro will have a 6.7-inch QHD+ screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It features three cameras at the rear, including a main sensor, an ultra-widescreen, and a telephoto with 4X optical zoom.

The standard Pixel 6, according to the same source, will have a 6.4-inch FHD+ screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Both models will integrate a biometric fingerprint sensor on the screen itself.

More releases expected for September

In September, it is also expected that Apple will launch the iPhone 13. According to the latest rumors, it will be between 14 and 15 September. There has already been information that this year the company would be forced to delay the launch to October, but the latest news in the universe of rumors again points to September as a month of revelations. There are also several sources assuring that Samsung will make a major announcement in September, in this case the FE (Fun Edition) of its Galaxy S21, released earlier this year.

When in 2020, it launched a Fun Edition of the Galaxy S for the first time, the manufacturer said that this would become an annual release.

In times of shortage of components, it is not known if the promise will be kept with an annual periodicity – the launch of the next version of the model has already been pointed for 2022 – but several leaks take it for granted again this year. The most recent expectations point to the beginning of September (the 8th) as a likely release date, a month also chosen by Samsung for the 2020 launch. 

A Chinese Oppo event for September 9 has already been confirmed. The theme of the event is the Reno6 family, a generation of smartphones that the company presented in China last May. In China, five versions of this series 6 of the Rhine have been released.

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