Google search is soon changing the way you search online

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Your experience with Google search will soon look different.

Technology giants introduce a series of planned updates for Google search which aims to make more visual results and provide additional contexts.

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For example, a new search tool demo shows users opening Google lenses to review the pattern on the shirt. After capturing the pattern, the user searches for socks with the same pattern.

In another example, the lens is used to take a picture of a bicycle section, then type “how to fix” to get results to make improvements.

The search results will also include new parts with additional information called “things that need to be known.” If you are looking for “acrylic paintings,” for example, you will see related topics such as step by step, tips or ways of cleaning. It will also work when searching for videos.

The company is helping web users find new ways to both refine and broaden their searches without having to start over with a new query.

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For example, Google may offer to connect you to information about specific painting techniques, like puddle pouring, or art classes you could take. You could then zoom into one of those other topics in order to see a visually rich page of search results and ideas from across the web, including articles, images, videos and more.

These pages are meant to better compete with Pinterest, it seems, as they’re also able to help people become inspired by searches — similar to how Pinterest’s image-heavy pinboard aims to turn people’s visual inspiration into action — like visiting a website or making an online purchase.

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Google says the pages will be useful for searches where users are “looking for inspiration,” like “Halloween decorating ideas” or “indoor vertical garden ideas” or other ideas to try. This feature can be tried out today on mobile devices.

Google is also upgrading video search. Already, the company uses AI to identify key moments inside a video. Now, it will take things further with the launch of a feature that will identify the topics in a video — even if the topic isn’t explicitly mentioned in the video — Google search then provide links that allow users to dig deeper and learn more.

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That means when you watch YouTube videos, Mum will be used to understand what videos about and make suggestions. In an example, videos about macaroni penguins can appoint users to various related videos, as they talk about how macaroni penguins find their family members and navigate predators. Mothers can identify these terms to search, even if they do not explicitly say in the video.

This feature will be launched in the initial version on Youtube searches in the weeks ahead, and will be updated to include more visual improvements in the coming months, Google said.

This change can also help encourage increased search traffic to Google, by utilizing a considerable range on YouTube. Many Gen Z users have searched for online content differently from older generations, research has been found. They tend to use several social media channels, have the first cellular mindset and are involved with video content. “Think with Google”, for example, found that 85% of teenagers Z will use YouTube regularly to find content, while 80% say Youtube videos managed to teach them something. Other data has shown that genes z prefer to learn about new ideas and products through videos too, not text, genuine ads or other content formats.

For Google, this kind of addition might be needed because the shift to cellular has an impact on the dominance of its search. Today, many search cellular shopping today are now starting directly on Amazon. Plus, when iPhone users need to do something specific on their cellphones, they often switch to Siri, Spotlight, App Store, or the original application to get help.

Google has not determined when the feature arrives but says it will be in the coming months.

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