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  • Japo_Japo

    September 19, 2021 at 7:31 am

    Editor’s Note: This story is part of a series about tech gadgets and devices that helped Team tech2 and some of our friends through the pandemic, lockdown, and the year 2020, in general.

    Having spent close to 300 days indoors in 2020, my mind, body, and soul experienced chaos in many ways. Working, sleeping, eating, living in the same space for so many days made my house seem smaller, I experienced burnout, and it wasn’t easy to keep going. But, I did, because my mama didn’t raise no quitter (J/K, quit if you have to. No pressure. Whatever makes you happy!) While I was one of the lucky few who spent this quarantine at home with family, we often forget our privilege in the moment, and so, on various occasions, I turned to technology for comfort and sanity.

    While as a tech journalist, I am often using several kinds of devices at once, 2020 wasn’t exactly the same for me professionally, so my dependence skewed toward some tech more than others. And as the year ends, I want to give huge props to my Amazon Echo Show 8 and my Apple Watch SE, for keeping me entertained and pushing me to stay healthy.

    Since the beginning of the lockdown and to date, my day begins with Alexa waking me up to Ganesh Atharvashisha and Mahishasurmardini Stotram, followed by the top hits in the US and then I go on experimenting with and exploring music all day.

    My Echo Show 8 sits on my work desk. It is switched on first thing in the morning and it stops only in the evening when I watch shows on the TV, and sometimes it’s playing until I fall asleep.

    I have honestly never been so up-to-date with every song released in India and the US. In 2020, I hear new songs the day they release – 2019 Nandini would be so impressed by 2020 Nandini.

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