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  • Building a multi-layer device

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  • Japo_Japo

    September 10, 2021 at 8:45 pm

    With our spray coating process, the solution of the upper layer doesn’t disturb the solid film making up the first layer,” said Pongsakorn. “Endless combinations of stacked perovskite architectures with any number of layers can be designed and created with precise control of thicknesses and rates of deposition for each layer.”

    The researchers demonstrated the technique by depositing a perovskite material with high stability on different perovskite material with better electrical properties. This double-layer semi-transparent perovskite device showed clearly defined layers and simultaneously achieved high performance and good stability.

    The researchers plan to use the new approach to make multilayer perovskite devices with new functions and combinations of performance and stability that were not possible before.

    Reference: “Layer-by-layer spray coating of a stacked perovskite absorber for perovskite solar cells with better performance and stability under a humid environment” by Koth Amratisha, Jitprabhat Ponchai, Paphada Kaewurai, Pimsuda Pansa-ngat, Kusuma Pinsuwan, Pisist Kumnorkaew, Pipat Ruankham and Pongsakorn Kanjanaboos, 3 June 2020, Optical Materials Express.

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