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  • Azure Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

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  • Japo_Japo

    September 9, 2021 at 8:06 am

    What are the instance types offered by Azure?

    Azure offers a number of different instance types based on what needs they fulfill.

    General Purpose – CPU to memory ratio is balanced. Provides low to medium traffic web servers, small to medium databases and is ideal for testing and development

    Largest instance size: Standard_D64_v3

    256 GB Memory and 1600 GB SSD Temp Storage

    Compute Optimized – High CPU to memory ratio. Best suited for medium traffic web servers, application servers, batch processes, and network appliances

    Largest instance size: Standard_F72s_V2

    144 GB Memory and 576 GB SSD Temp Storage

    Memory-Optimized – High memory to CPU ratio. Best suited for relational database servers, in-memory analytics, and medium to large caches

    Largest instance size: Standard_M128m

    3892 GB Memory and 14,336 GB SSD Temp Storage

    Storage Optimized – Provides high disk IO and throughput. Best suited for Big Data, NoSQL and SQL Databases

    Largest instance size: Standard_L32s

    256 GB Memory and 5630 GB SSD Temp Storage

    GPU – Virtual Machines that specialize in heavy graphic rendering and video editing. It also helps with model training and inferencing with deep learning

    Largest instance size: Standard_ND24rs

    448 GB Memory and 2948 GB SSD Temp Storage
    4 GPUs and 96 GB Memory

    High-Performance Compute – Provides Azure’s fastest and powerful CPU virtual machines with optional high throughput interfaces

    Largest instance size: Standard_L32s

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