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    September 23, 2021 at 7:30 am

    After performing a new and independent analysis of the meteorite’s composition, the team proposes that its unique isotopic imprint comes from a collision of NC and CC planetesimals. “The two bodies collided, and this induced melting because of high impact velocities, and it induced mixing of materials from these two bodies,” explains Spitzer.

    Here things become interesting. Most meteorites originate from the asteroid belt, a region between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. So, the CC-type meteorites had to migrate to the inner part of the solar system at some point, otherwise the Nedagolla meteorite wouldn´t exist.

    The reason why we have any CC material to analyze on Earth, which is in itself an NC body, is because, during the disk evolution, planets like Jupiter migrated inwards and outwards, scattering material around the Solar System,” says Katherine Bermingham (Rutgers University).

    But the details are still murky. For example, did Jupiter’s movements create the isotopic divide? And why did one region of the disk have a consistently different mixture of material compared to the other?

    With the Nedagolla meteorite, scientists obtained the first isotopic evidence that the NC and CC bodies mingled. Its composition suggests that at least the CC body had a metallic core. Furthermore, the formative collision couldn’t have happened earlier than about 7 million years after the disk’s formation.

    Such information measured for a larger sample of similar meteorites would be invaluable. “I think it is important that the community does more of this kind of work to see if we can figure out better time constraints on NC-CC mixing,” says Bermingham. “There are a lot of ungrouped iron meteorites out there, and maybe this signature will be found in those that we haven’t studied yet.

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