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  • 7 B2B Lead Generation Strategies (That REALLY Worked for Us)

     sifatislam updated 2 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • sifatislam

    December 31, 2021 at 11:50 pm

    B2B companies got it hard. Our sales cycles are longer and more complex. They involve numerous decision-makers that are way tougher and can’t be lured with some immediate emotional triggers. All the while marketers beat their brains over the ultimate question that eclipses the rest: how to find B2B leads. They are not that easy to stumble upon, too.

    So believe me when I say Last Database that B2B lead generation is not a piece of cake. How do I know this? Well, I work as a marketer at HelpCrunch, a B2B software company. Over the past six years, we’ve tried every trick in the book trying to pursue our precious B2B leads everywhere they go.

    So yeah, we’re not here to just talk the talk. We’ve walked the walk and are ready to share our ups and downs with you as openly as possible.

    Table of contents
    What is B2B lead generation?
    Who is a B2B lead?
    7 Most Effective B2B lead generation strategies and ideas
    1. Use Quora for B2B lead generation
    2. Work on your content marketing early on to get high-quality leads
    3. Turn referral traffic into B2B sales leads
    4. Build a strong presence on review websites
    5. Embrace the power of PPC for B2B sales lead generation
    6. Use live chat for engaging with leads on your website
    7. Generate B2B sales leads through good old cold outreach
    So, what’s the best B2B lead generation strategy?
    What is B2B lead generation?
    B2B lead generation is short for business-to-business lead generation. The term refers to marketing strategies that businesses use to detect and catch other businesses that can be interested in their products or services.

    The notion can be compared to B2C (business-to-consumer) lead generation where companies sell directly to individual buyers.

    Selling B2B is different from selling B2C in a number of ways. The greatest difference is that you’ll typically be dealing with either professional buyers or high-level executives when you attempt to make B2B sales.

    The Balance Careers

    So, everything is clear with B2C leads. They are just regular buyers like you and me. Everytime you need to buy a new sofa for your apartment or subscribe to a music streaming service, you’re not just buying stuff. You’re being a B2C lead.

    But, what counts as a B2B lead? Is it a company or specific people from that company? And how can someone target an entire company at once? (Spoiler alert! You don’t target entire companies. Obviously.)

    Who is a B2B lead?
    The term ‘business to business leads’ usually refers to high-level executives and professional buyers that have the authority to make decisions about purchasing new software, services, or products at their company.

    And also have the option of ordering development from another country, for example, to make outsourcing to Ukraine or other countries.

    Basically, a person becomes your B2B sales lead the moment you have their contact information in your possession — be it an email address, a phone number, a LinkedIn page, etc. It’s just that you need some medium to get in touch with your B2B leads and nurture them towards the purchase. And there are two ways to get that information:

    Inbound lead generation for B2B. You collect peoples’ contact information once they land on your website through various marketing campaigns. Fair and square.
    Outbound lead generation for B2B. You purchase a contact list from third-party providers or scrap them from third-party websites and social media.
    Inbound B2B sales leads are traditionally considered more high-potential and upfront. Once they’re on your website browsing for more information about your business, it’s all fair game. Companies should be aware of outbound sales leads and double-check the reliability and legitimacy of the whole deal. However, it can also bring in some great leads if applied consciously.

    As intimidating as the whole deal sounds, they are still flesh-and-blood people. It’s just that in B2B sales, a decision is usually made by several people at once and they have completely different buying triggers than B2C buyers.

    7 Most Effective B2B lead generation strategies and ideas
    Our company was founded 6 years ago, and that’s when our hunt for sales leads began. Right from the start, we tried to apply all kinds of lead generation strategies for B2B: at first, to test and prove the viability of our business idea and then to keep it afloat and growing.

    No, I’m serious. You name the tactic, and I’m pretty sure we’ve tried it. Obviously, not all of them have brought equally great results. Some companies claim that Twitter is the best source of B2B sales leads for them, while others insist that video content is the only thing that matters in 2020.

    I’m here to neither confirm nor deny every lead gen tip as there are thousands of them on the internet. What you see below is the list of all B2B lead generation tactics that have been tested by our marketing and sales departments and proved their effectiveness. They brought us some high-quality leads that ultimately converted into customers,


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