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In this article, we have a handful of more games and apps to recommend installing on your smartphone. Video games are always fun to kill time, and we suggest RPGs with fantasy touches like lots of monsters to kill in turn-based combat. But also a puzzle game where you have to explode with objects.

Magnum Quest is an RPG where you must build an army to face the dark forces

With turn-based combat, you must collect powerful heroes and build an army to face zombies and other aberrations in this RPG.

Magnum Quest is another classic fantasy RPG where the player collects heroes to form a strong army to face enemies. Among paladins, goblins, elves, and goblins, these are just a few of the races to add to the group. Raised characters have unique abilities that you’ll have to use in combat to defeat enemies.

The studio recreated three-dimensional scenarios, inspired by miniature board games. In this case, the characters offer more detail, cast flashy spells, and allow them to be collected on a virtual shelf. At the end of battles, treasure chests dictate rewards that you can use to improve your army.

The characters’ accumulated experience allows them to increase their level, making them stronger, with better attributes and special abilities. Depending on the type of opponents, the player must adapt their strategy on the battlefield to make the clashes more accessible. The game also encourages the exploration of dungeons, always looking for new treasures.

Encouraging kids to get into good habits doesn’t have to be a “nightmare,” and there’s an app that can help

KidHab, aimed at children and teenagers aged between six and 16 years, stands out for its gamification system that promises to encourage the youngest to be more motivated to help their parents with household chores and develop their own skills.

Convincing youngsters to help with tasks at home or even develop healthier habits, such as going to bed early or spending less time “glued” to the computer or smartphone, is sometimes a complicated task.

KidHab wants to help parents and children to stay in tune and reduce possible frustrations or even arguments. The application, aimed at children and teenagers aged between six and 16, stands out for its gamification system that promises to encourage younger people to be more motivated.

On the parents’ side, the application allows them to adapt routines and habits taking into account their children’s interests: from sports to foreign languages, through programming or soft skills.

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From there, and together with the younger ones, they can establish a series of habits to be performed daily or at other intervals. To make everything more interesting, parents and children can also choose the rewards for each activity performed, whether material or not.

After putting everything on “clean plates” and setting goals and rewards, parents send a code to their children, inviting them to participate in the app. As they complete the tasks and mark them on the platform, the younger ones earn points. When they collect enough points they can receive their reward, otherwise they will have to work harder.

KidHab is available both for Android, through the Play Store, and for iOS, through the App Store. In addition to the free mode, the application has Pro modes with a price of €4.99 per month, €9.99 for six months, or €14.99 for one year.

App Dashlane has new features to help you better manage your passwords

With version for Android and iOS, the new password management app is for the Apple operating system, namely the integration of Mac Catalyst technology and UX/UI improvements.

With a few years in the bag, Dashlane has recently been updated. App developers announced the integration of Mac Catalyst technology and new additions to the iOS version to provide smarter search functionality and several UX/UI improvements.

These improvements are part of what is intended to be a significant renewal of Dashlane’s iOS navigation, which will be part of a progressive rollout, with the aim of providing a better user experience, with the aim of helping to save time by ensuring access to unique and secure passwords with fewer clicks, say those responsible.

Users can rely on Dashlane to auto-fill passwords, payments and personal details on the web, on any device.

Using Apple’s latest Catalyst technology, Dashlane wants to provide an even better experience for MacOS users in Safari, with instant sync functionality and integrations with the latest OS enhancements, such as native autocomplete.

Updates to the iOS app follow on from a redesign last year and before the major navigation restructuring, which will be progressively released in beta.

New features include smarter search, with results being sorted by recently searched items to help access passwords, secure notes and payments faster, while improved design and criteria provide more accurate suggestions, dramatically reducing the number average number of characters to type.

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