Children are Technophile

Written by: Shirylynnmangyao

Children are curious, especially in terms of technology. According to statistics, most social media users are young, committed to the online world already. They are already surrounded by technological devices, in which they are eager to learn and manipulate them. Compared to the adults in technology manipulation, they are more illiterate in managing and using technological devices. It may be hard for them to use a touchscreen mobile phone than the young ones. The online world is rampant. It is part of every person’s life today. In every aspect of our lives, technology is present in work, school, and life. There is numerous funny technological news regarding the usage or manipulation of any technical devices or machines.

One of the funny and very informative news regarding technology is about children who are technophiles. Technophile is defined as having enthusiasm for new technology since the evolution of technology is rampant. Digital advancement is already an essential skill to be globally competitive, especially to the learners. Being digitally advanced is top quality that every company seeks in every employee.

There is a particular parent of two children interviewed concerning the news that children are technophiles. How funny that he willingly shares the observation they noticed with his 5-and-3 years old children. According to him, his two children are truly technophiles, in which their knowledge and interest in manipulating and using technology or machines are more advanced than his knowledge about it. He noticed that his children have naturally learned the idea of how to use technology. He also included that they were the ones who taught him how to answer a phone call and how to cut the caller off.

Numerous parents reported that their children know not just the usage of mobile phones but also all technologies they have in their homes. Children are the ones who operate their Television, in switching channels and manipulating the box channels they must be specific. On the other hand, aside from its advantages, there are cons to technical knowledge. Parents included that because of technology, they already lack communication because, aside from children have the ability to manipulate technology. Yet, technology has the power to manipulate their children or all people globally.

In conclusion, the funny tech news is quite entertaining and informative. But it is quite disappointing because of the knowledge of technology. The significant parent-child relationship would not be as strong as before. It should have a balance on letting your children use technology. Remember that there are pros and cons in all things or situations on Earth, and communication is important.

All in all, technology is still essential to be up to date in today’s era. Parents may be lack knowledge on how to use and manipulate it. But luckily, at least they have children who are technophiles, who can be the future in technology and digital advancement, which is an essential factor in shaping the world to encourage people and find plenty of ways to help and be better individuals.

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