Can we not copy folders in Google Drive?

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Good or worse, I believe Google Docs is the best. While the Microsoft office or iWork Apple software suite is stronger, no one defeats how easy Google Drive Suite will be used on several devices and by different people.

However, there is one HUGE problem: How do you copy an entire folder on Google Drive?

Think this an easy trick? Try it yourself. Open Google Drive and right-click on the folder. In the menu, you will hope to see something like “copy” or “duplicate” or “replicate,” but not. EVEN!

If you want to duplicate the entire folder, the only way to do this on Google Drive without extensions is to actually copy each document and then move it to the new folder.

Google Drive

But of course, each document copied will have the format of “copy of the feared [file name]” which is an absolute Arseache to reformat. Especially because there is no easy way to change the file name on Google Suite. Have fun dealing with it, Chumps.

I have spent a little time pondering the inability to copy folders on Google Drive and, for my life, it has not been able to exercise why this is not a feature.

The only conclusion I come is that Google doesn’t really care? And that the team forgets to enter this feature? And now we all have to live in this strange world where this very popular technology has no basic functions?

This is by far the most needed feature that we all need to have in Google Drive.

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