Apple suffers yet another casualty in the alleged Apple Car development team

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The executive who has just left Apple for Ford would be one of the members of the team that is developing Apple’s first electric Apple car, a project that is much talked about and little known, even though the manufacturer already has several patents registered.

Apple has lost yet another member of the team that is allegedly developing the project that will put an apple brand electric car on the market. Doug Field has been at Apple since 2018, having worked at Tesla, where he helped develop the Model 3.

He is now leaving the company led by Tim Cook to move to Ford, where he takes over the leadership of the Advanced Technologies and Embedded Systems unit, a key role at a time when the US automaker is making the transition to electric. Doug Field is the fourth executive of the team dedicated to the project to leave Apple since February, as highlighted by The Guardian, which advances the news.

Apple Car
Model of Apple’s first electric model

About the new role at Ford, the former Apple executive has said that “it will be a privilege to help Ford provide a new generation of experiences built for electrification, software, digital experiences and autonomy”.

Ford continues to consolidate its migration strategy to electric vehicles. In February, the company announced a partnership with Google, which from 2023 will result in the integration of Android in the navigation systems of the brand’s vehicles, in all segments. The agreement signed between the two companies has a time horizon of six years.

Apple’s possible car has been the subject of many rumors, but officially, Apple’s intention to release an electric car has never been confirmed. However, it is said that the Titan project will be under development since 2014, and some patents registered by the company have been understood to be developments associated with this project.

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Last year, the company submitted, for example, a patent for a virtual reality system that helps those who tend to get seasick to have greater stability while traveling. Another patent, published in February 2019, describes a system that projects holographic images onto a car’s windshield or other windows to give information about the vehicle, such as speed and direction.

Two years earlier, another patent filed by Apple details different ways to integrate interfaces like displays into a car’s interior, so that they can be omitted when not in use.

Several other patents have already been filed by the company in the same area, for things as diverse as systems that darken the color of windows, alert the driver to details around the vehicle, or control the temperature inside the vehicle. 

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