Apple may release new version of MagSafe chargers to accompany iPhone 13

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Documents submitted by Apple to the Federal Communications Commission reveal a new version of the MagSafe chargers, which have been tested on iPhone 12 smartphones and on four new devices that could match the iPhone 13 “family”.

As Apple prepares to unveil its new line of smartphones to the world,  new documents submitted by the Cupertino giant to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) point to the possibility of the company launching a new version of MagSafe chargers, compatible with both the iPhone 12 and with the future iPhone 13.

Documents submitted to the US regulator indicate that Apple has tested the new version of the charging technology on eight iPhone models. Four of them (A2176, A2172, A2341, and A2342) correspond to the models that make up the iPhone 12 smartphone line.

The other devices, whose name only appears as “New smartphones,” may correspond to the four models that will make up the iPhone 13 range. It should be recalled that according to previously advanced forecasts by the well-known analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the new “family” iPhone 13 will consist of four models, like the most recent, with the two Pro versions having screens with refresh rates of 120 Hz.

For now, documentation submitted by Apple to the FCC does not reveal further details about the differences between the future generation of MagSafe chargers and the previous one. Interestingly, one of the diagrams in the documents demonstrates the device’s charging disk being used to charge AirPods.

What news will the iPhone 13 bring?

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According to rumors circulating online , the design of Apple’s new smartphones will be similar to the previous version. The size of the screens will be the same as the smartphones of the iPhone 12 line: 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

Inside, the equipment must use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 modems, ensuring support for 5G networks. Smartphones are believed to have more powerful batteries than the previous generation and support Lightning technology. On the other hand, previous rumors made it known that some of the iPhone 13 generation models could be fully wireless, supported by MagSafe technology for charging, dispensing with the USB-C or Thunderbolt ports.

More recently, new rumors have emerged that point to the possibility of smartphones supporting satellite communications, giving users the ability to make calls and send messages, even when there is no 4G or 5G coverage, or even a WiFi network. Fi.

For now, access to the functionality will only be available in certain markets. In fact, Apple even intends to launch its own set of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites to enable communications, although this is a plan that will still take several years to materialize.

The new lineup of equipment is expected to feature a faster A15 processor, which will include 1TB storage options, and all models will feature LiDAR technology. Smartphones may have an always-on screen, similar to the Apple Watch and many Android smartphones.

Previously, both well-known “informant” Max Weinbach and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had mentioned that Apple would use LTPO technology in its new smartphones.

In addition to rumors about changes in the camera and screen module, a new patent submitted by the technology giant also suggests that the next model could arrive without any kind of physical buttons.

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