APPLE MACBOOK PRO 16M1 latest features and price

Things you should know about this latest smart tech. The Apple Macbook Pro 16M1

Apple as a multinational American technology company has always been in limelight for launching its smart modern design gadgets.

 Being the world’s largest technology company by the revenue it’s been illuminating and involved in many sectors.

  • By unit sale apple is the world’s 4th largest pc vendor.
  • It is the world’s 4th largest smartphone manufacturer.
  • It comes in America’s top five information technology companies.

It was first established in 1976, since 1977 the sales grew quick of its first computer later on being successful financially in 1980 after going public.

One of its smart products includes a Macintosh

 Macintosh is the name of series of computers launched by apple we know today as mac.

They are personal computers first launched in 1984.

But this spectacular journey has come far to this age being modernized since then now we have reached to the very latest MacBook version which is apple MacBook pro 16 M1

Having an amazing 16-inch display with many more incredible features.

 This already might have been in the highlight as with every new launch Apple comes up with new and better tech.

 In this article, we will go through everything this latest gadget has to offer.

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Having a 16-inch display and powerful M1X chip,

Sounds promising so far?

Said to be the best mac apple ever made raises expectations as well,

Its price also become a question to some,

The base price is $1,299.00

Or $108.25/mo. for 12 mo.*

Would it be worth purchasing?



This latest mac comes up with a huge 15-inch display which for sure makes working way easier, pleasurable and practical having a great viewing experience, producing 500 nits of brightness having precise alignment of crystal molecules it comes up with great highlights, bright whites and deep blacks making the quality amazing.

It has a narrow band-led powered backlight which allows displaying the p3 wide color gamut feature to show the images and videos amazingly lively.


Comes up with Intel core i9 and M1 processor of up to 8 core and 16 threads of processing power to power even heavy workloads.

Assists better performance as well as for a longer duration.

Having more advanced thermal architecture for fast processing and having more optimal airflow as well as more heat-releasing capability maintains effective cooling which helps in delivering up to 12 watts more maximum sustained power.


Having the largest capacity ever in a notebook up to 64GB of ddr4 memory makes work incredibly efficient at a great level. 


It has up to 64GB of memory-making multitasking and editing loaded work not an issue anymore. 


This keyboard is called magic keyboard because of its latest technology features which makes typing responsive super comfortable and quiet no matter whether you working or gaming it’s designed to satisfy.

It comes up with many more advanced features like that including better security, bigger bass huge storage of up to 8TB of SSD storage many more depending on what you looking for.

Final word

MacBook Pro 13 has proven to be an amazing tech there is no doubt, this new mac would be an amazing experience too with a larger screen ad better keyboard and sound features sounds promising so far.

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