Apple iPhone 13: Launch Date, Price, Design and more

iphone 13

One of the most exciting releases of this year is Apple’s new iPhone 13. Most people are waiting for the new iPhone. A new generation of iPhone is releasing very soon, Apple has always launched an iPhone in September, except last year when it was delayed. According to this, the new iPhone is expected to launch in September.

Most of the information regarding the new iPhone 13 has been revealed in leaks and rumors. Rumors suggest that the new iPhone 13 price will be similar to the previous iPhone 12, and there are many rumors, so in this article we will talk about the new iPhone 13 expected release date, price, design, specs and more.

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Apple IPhone 13 Launch date:-

Currently it is unknown when it will launch, but the rumors are hinted that Apple’s iPhone 13 is likely to be announced in September 2021.

We expect that the iPhone 13 may be announced at Apple’s event on 14 September 2021.

Apple IPhone 13 Price:-

There are no specific leaks about the price of the new iPhone 13, we expect that the price of the iPhone 13 is similar to the iPhone 12 series, because in the recent iPhone releases Apple followed the simple pattern of introducing a new iPhone roughly similar prices to previous models and then reducing the price of the old ones. We’d be surprised if the iPhone 13 is substantially different to the iPhone 12 in price.

Apple iPhone 13 Specifications:-

IPhone 13: Design

In terms of design the iPhone 13 is expected to look similar to the iPhone 12 series. However there are some differences that rumours and leaks have repeatedly mentioned.

One report has suggested that the iPhone 13 will be slightly thicker than the previous iPhone 12. But the height and width of the iPhone 13 will be the same.

IPhone 13: Display

iphone 13 thickness
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The Apple IPhone 13 models are expected to come with the same screen sizes and resolutions. There are rumors that the iPhone 13 pro & max will feature a 120Hz refresh rate.

With this the iPhone 13 screen will produce a smooth image than the previous iPhone models.

IPhone 13: Camera

The Camera of iPhone 13 is expected to see some alterations from Apple. A new ultra-wide camera could be featured in the iPhone 13 models. Also, it may be possible that iPhone 13 will have a telephoto camera upgrade. There will be a new Portrait recording mode in video recording software.

According to some leaks, LiDAR may be present on all iPhone 13 models, with this you will get a better sense of depth.

IPhone 13: Battery

According to leaks, the iPhone 13 will get a serious battery upgrade, because the iPhone 13 size will be large. If the leak is correct then you will get a bigger battery then the previous iPhone.

The previous iPhone 12 has a 2,805mAh battery so there is expected that the iPhone 13 battery will be 3,095mAh.

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IPhone 13: Chipset

The iPhone 13 is expected to be powered by an A15 chipset, which is expected to stick with a 5nm process.

According to some rumours, the iPhone 13 is expected to come with up to 1TB storage option.

IPhone 13: Notch

Early rumours expect that Apple may change the notch in the iPhone 13 models. The notch will shrink in this iPhone.

So, a smaller notch would be expected, and there have been reports that the Face ID sensor will also shrink.

IPhone 13: Size

iphone 13 sizes
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In terms of size, the iPhone 13 size likely remains similar to the previous iPhone 12. However the dimensions may differ slightly. Leaks suggest that the new iPhone 13 and pro will have a 7.57mm thickness.

Compared to their predecessors, the iPhone 13 thickness will be 0.17mm. One report estimates that the new iPhone’s body thickness may fluctuate by only 0.1mm. However, the iPhone 13 thickness could be changed.

Also some rumours hinted that Apple will follow the same lineup configuration as the iPhone 12 series, means 4 phones in 3 different sizes:

  • iPhone 13 mini (5.4-inch)
  • iPhone 13 (6.1-inch)
  • iPhone 13 Pro (6.1-inch)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7-inch)

IPhone 13: Colors

iphone 13 colors
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In the iPhone 13 series, we expect a mix of new and old colors. Rumors suggest that the iPhone 13 pro and pro max could come in black, sunset gold and silver rose gold colors.

According to some rumours it could come with pink and orange colours, other leaks indicate that the orange did not progress beyond the prototype stage.

Some reports have also suggested that Apple could release a matte black iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max.

Should you wait for iPhone 13?

Most people will be confused, whether they should wait for this iPhone 13 or not?

Let’s be clear about whether you should wait for the new iPhone or hold onto last year’s iPhones.

What you will get by upgrading to the new iPhone 13:

  • Better battery life
  • Larger storage options
  • A 120Hz OLED display (on the Pro and Pro Max)
  • New camera features

You should wait for iPhone 13 if 

If you appreciate what this new iPhone brings over the previous generation. Notably, a much smoother 120Hz OLED display, better cameras with wide angle autofocus, and improved battery life as well as the new iPhone 13 will come in the 1TB storage option, if this all things expected of you, then it’s worth upgrading to the new iPhone 13 series.

You should not wait for iPhone 13 if

If nothing excited you that we have mentioned above. The iPhone 13 arguably is not the major upgrade over its previous models, so you can use a 12 model for another year. We expect that the next iPhone 14 will bring a bigger upgrade, so you can hold the old iPhone for another year.

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