Apple Airtag Tracker

Smart gadgets smart world!

 Technology has reached to the new heights with its new and advanced gadgets.

Many companies set their place since long ago

Top 5 of them are,

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft

Hmm, apple is one of the biggest tech companies by being the world’s largest technology company by the revenue, it’s been involved in many sectors too and no doubt pretty successful too. 

• By unit sale apple is said to be the world’s 4th largest pc vendor.

• Its world’s 4th largest smartphone manufacturer.

• And yes as we mentioned it comes in America’s top five information technology companies too.

Where its latest MacBook and iPhone 13 are in limelight

We can’t ignore the latest smart gadget introduced by apple too

Which is An Airtag tracker

Super small but super smart!

What is the airtag tracker basically?

How does it work?

Why it’s necessary?

What can be the possible risks?

How to survive them? What is the price?

We will cover it all in this article,

 What are they exactly?

  An AirTag is a small gadget (such as a Tile) that may be attached to personal things like keys, wallets, or luggage. The tag sends out messages on a regular basis that can be used to track its whereabouts, allowing you to locate any lost or misplaced objects using an app.

So, how exactly do AirTags work?

AirTags are small, round metal discs that, if associated with your Apple ID, will display the tag’s location whenever location data is available in the “Find My” app.

By Using Bluetooth, each tag transmits a different identity. Any compatible Apple device within range of up to 100 meters within ideal conditions will then send that identifier, along with its own location information, to Apple’s servers. The tag’s owner can then access those location details using the Find My app, and you’ll have a better idea of where your misplaced items are.

You can go to the new Items tab in the Find My app to play a sound on the built-in speaker, or say “Hey Siri, find my wallet.” If it’s nearby, such as beneath the couch or in the next room, simply follow the sound and you can find your missing item.

The AirTags don’t possess a positional location capability – they do not contain GPS technology. Rather, they just notify with a notification sound the nearest Bluetooth-enabled device and let that device’s location data do the rest.

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Is that actually a necessity?

No doubt it eliminates the annoyance of getting late by keeping searching for the stuff AirTag is a simple method to keep track of your belongings. Whether attach it to on your keys, or your backpack.

AirTags use a very new technology called Ultra Wideband in addition to Bluetooth. Only current Apple products, such as the iPhone 11 and 12, have this new feature, which allows for considerably more exact location monitoring.

This accuracy extends to directional finding as your phone itself is guiding you in the direction of the lost stuff.

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Price and variation

  With Apple’s colorful key rings and loops, you can connect AirTag to just about everything. AirTag is available separately or in a four-pack.

Starting at a price of $29 and a four-pack is $99

Final words

Possible risks and how to survive them

Privacy had been quite under concern because AirTags can only function if they connect to an Apple-run surveillance network in which millions of people are unwitting participants. But the company itself has assured of many measures Apple says it has put in place a number of protections to detect and prevent stalking using AirTags, including an alert that goes off when an AirTag appears to be with someone who isn’t its owner. But in some cases, as technology grows concerns grow as AirTags and related technologies grow more ubiquitous, we will undoubtedly see more tags appearing in our environment. Many consumers, like other often seen alerts, will become tired of seeing them and ignore the prompts. For that matter it’s

For best Turning off Bluetooth and location services but. By Turning off this feature you’ll lose many valuable features as well and it will make it more difficult to locate your phone if you misplace it. According to Apple, you are the only one having access to the location of your AirTag. Your location history and data are never saved on the AirTag. Devices that transmit your AirTag’s location remain anonymous, and all location data is encrypted along the way. As a result, not even Apple is aware of the position of your AirTag or the name of the device that assists in its recovery.

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