Android and iOS: understand the differences between them and which option to choose

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Android or iOS? This question tends to generate a lot of discussion, and it can be difficult to come up with a definitive answer. However, comparing some features of the two, it is easier to choose a smartphone that meets your needs.

To help answer your questions, we have prepared this article that will quickly answer Android and iOS and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

So, Android or iOS? Which one is the best? Let’s find out!

What are Android and iOS?


Imagine that a smartphone works similarly to computers and notebooks. In order for the smartphone to work and run the programs and applications we use, it needs an operating system that coordinates all of its functions.

Apple, before launching its smartphones, had already developed an operating system for its computers. It was a pioneer when the first smartphones appeared, creating the iOS operating system. Then Google entered the competition, also developing a system to launch smartphones, reaching Android.

Android and iOS are the two main operating systems offered on smartphones and tablets. While iOS is an exclusive system for iPhones, Android is used in devices from different brands, such as Samsung, Motorola, and LG.

Android or iOS: which is better?

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To answer this question, we list some of the main features considered in an assessment and compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two. Look!


In this regard, experts agree that iOS is superior. Although the new versions of Android have solved many problems of previous versions, pointed out by users, iOS has the merit of being a faster system.

This means that applications and processes run faster on iOS, while Android smartphones tend to crash more.

Also, iOS is used exclusively by iPhones. Android has different versions. Motorola, for example, is known for using a “pure” Android system, with minimal modification. Samsung and other brands make changes to the system, aiming at a differentiation in devices.

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At the beginning of smartphone history, the availability of apps in the App Store was much higher than in the Play Store (iOS and Android app store, respectively).

However, this is another problem that has been overcome. As more Android smartphones are sold than iPhones, the trend is for the offer of applications to balance out. While the App Store still has more apps available, all the top apps on the market are also available in Android versions.


Of course, price is still one of the most important criteria before deciding to invest in a new device. In this regard, one of the main barriers to the iPhone is its high cost. By carrying a status and due to the superior performance of the system, the price of the iPhone is “saltier.”

With different manufacturers, there are many more options and models of Android devices than iPhones. This increases people’s ability to choose a model that meets their needs without spending more than they could.


The iPhone has a good memory capacity, ranging from 32GB to 512GB, in the most advanced models. However, iPhones do not have a memory card slot, while virtually all devices that use Android have this option.

This means that, if you have an Android device and it has already occupied all its memory, you can buy a memory card and increase the device’s capacity, which is not the case with iPhones.

Android or iOS, how to choose?

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As you read this content, you may have noticed that while iOS is considered a superior system, Android also has advantages.

Therefore, you should assess what your needs are and do a lot of research before choosing a device. Look for different models and compare their features. Remember that there are basic, intermediate, and advanced devices and many different options!

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