Alan Wake will be remastered: The writer’s block will never end.

Alan Wake remastered

Everybody feels in heaven when a video game that we loved years ago gets a remastered version, because it is almost like going back in time and feeling the same joy we felt when we played the game for the first time ever, and with this being said; do you remember the 2010 video game Alan Wake? That Remedy Entertainment’s critically acclaimed psychological thriller video game inspired by both The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks where you use guns and light to fight shadow ghosts or something like that to find your missing wife? Well, it’s getting a remastered version. Finally.

Alan Wake radio station

Earlier this week, the remastered version of Alan Wake was announced and we couldn’t be happier, and yesterday during the PlayStation Showcase a trailer of this video games was finally shown and we were amazed. What made this announcement even better is that we were kind of expecting something like this because in June of this year, rumors of a remastered version of Alan Wake were spreading through the Epic Games Store after the game appeared in their data and we were praying that they were real.

We can agree right now that Alan Wake is an underrated cult classic, a great video game that flew under the radar mainly because of other games like Red Dead Redemption, God of War 3 and Super Mario Galaxy 2, but no because of this, Alan Wake is a bad game, not at all; the game is great and with this remastered version, of course it will be better than before.

Alan Wake scene

In case you haven’t played the original Alan Wake yet, the plot goes like this; Alan Wake, a thriller novelist visits the fictional town of Bright Falls to recover from writer’s block with his wife and suddenly his wife disappears and he has to uncover that mystery while experiencing events from his last novel comes to life. Let’s be honest, it’s a great plot, and it can attract the attention of both video gamers and novelists.

Alan Wake’s fans have been looking forward to returning to Bright Falls for 11 years and this “hunger” only grew when Remedy told us that 2019 video game Control was set in the same universe as Alan Wake, culminating in an Alan Wake-themed DLC that blew our minds away called AWE. The thing is, currently, Remedy is working on an unannounced game that could be Alan Wake 2 and this is killing us, let’s pray that Remedy announces something about it in a not-too distant future.

Obviously, a remastering might not satisfy the hunger of those who want a sequel, but after eleven years of wait a remaster is a good thing because a lot of fans are eager for a repeat that looks both fancier and better than the original game. In 2012, Remedy gave us a spin-off called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, it was good, but we want something even better and bigger, not just a spin-off.

Like I said before, Alan Wake feels like a fusion of The Twilight Zone, Twin Peak’s surreal towns, and the horror stylings of the legendary Stephen King. Objects become possessed beings, townsfolks become shadow killers, and the further you advance in the story the more you wonder what is real. The light and fire weapons are your only friends in this game, because Bright Falls can get very dark.

Alan Wake gameplay

Wake is not a very likeable character and the game have this type of combat where the enemies are only vulnerable when you shine them with your flashlight is very unique; of course, you have to be careful to not run out of batteries. This combat system is very stressful, mainly because of the batteries thing, also because of the enemies; they are incredibly fast when you don’t shine them with the flashlight.

The stages are very diverse, there are areas where you have to walk through a forest, gun down a whole town full of these shadow killers or zones where you have to drive a car; it’s a thrilling adventure. The episodic structure is a complete package; although is broken up into episodes, it was acclaimed. It enhances those Twilight Zones vibes full board, and obviously affect the pace of the story in a good way because offers you breaks from the relentless horror. There are 6 chapters in this video game, and if you include the two DLCs, there are 2 chapters more.

Sam Lake, the company’s creative director, has written a card thanking the community and fans for all the support they have given throughout all these years, and thanks to this, the team was encouraged to remaster Alan Wake.

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I personally played this game in 2010 but back in the day I was not a fan of horror video games so I ended forgetting it, but later in 2020 I started playing it again and I was amazed, no kidding; despite the stressful combat system I really enjoyed this game. It has a very good and intriguing story, good characters, challenging enemies and zones, nice voice acting; I can say that is a game that has everything to be a successful cult classic in the future and also, a game that really deserves a remastered version.

Alan Wake scene

I am a big fan of the Max Payne series, so Remedy is a developer that I know since the 2000s so I expected something as good as Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne and despite not being as hard boiled, action-driven like Payne, I can say that Alan Wake is as good as Payne series, but more story-driven, deeper, darker.

In case you don’t know, there is a promotional live-action web series titled Bright Falls that were available few weeks before the game’s release. The six episodes serve as a prequel to the game and the main character is not Alan, in this series, the main character is a newspaper reporter called Jake Fischer.

What do we know about this remastered version of Alan Wake? Well…

This remastering is set to be released on October 5, so we will have to wait a little longer to be able to play this amazing remastering of this amazing game.

This remastered version will come to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and obviously PC through the Epic Games Store. This is extremely good because not everyone has a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, so those who have a PC, or PS4, or Xbox One will be able to enjoy this amazing game. It was also confirmed that the PS4 Pro version will have both a Performance and Quality Mode, the latter of which will run at 60fps while the former will run at 30fps and 4K, and the PS5 version will run at 60fps and 4K. It’s a good time to be a PlayStation user, right? The original Alan Wake was released only for the Xbox 360 in 2010 and later for the PC in 2012, so it is good to know that they are expanding the franchise to the Sony consoles.

Also, if we take a look at the box of the PS4 version, we will see that in the cover indicates that this edition is free upgradeable to PS5; this is a detail that until now remained up in the air. Another great aspect is the improvement that the kinematics have received in this remaster and that can be verified in this comparison.

It will include the base game and its two expansions, The Signal and The Writer, so in case you haven’t played these expansions before, now will be the time to play them. They are thrilling and greatly complement the story. It will also include comments from Sam Lake himself.

Some people say that this remastering will be the precursor of the long-awaited sequel, in fact; Jeff Grubb, VentureBeat collaborator told us that Remedy is working on this sequel, he said: “Remedy is very busy. They are super, super busy, so we will have to wait and see if that turns into something soon or not”. We only can hope that he is talking about Alan Wake 2, or maybe Max Payne 4, I’m dying to play a new Max Payne video game.

But currently, Remedy is very busy right now; in addition to the Alan Wake’s remastering, they are developing Vanguard, a free to play coop video game in the same universe as Control and another video game from the same universe with a bigger budget, and also, they are developing the campaign from CrossfireX. So, we will have to be very patient and wait for further news from Remedy.

I know that every fan of Alan Wake is very happy about this news, including myself, so let’s wait until October to finally get our hands on this remastering that we want to play so much. I am very sure that I will play it, and you? Are you going to play it?

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