5 reasons that make Samsung’s new foldable smartphones a good choice for the future

foldable smartphone

The traditional rectangular shape of smartphones, which has dominated the design of these devices in recent years, is changing to a more flexible but robust model, which takes advantage of the technological innovation that Samsung has developed in the area of ​​screens. They have folding screens with a configuration that takes more advantage of technology and offers new ways of using the mobile phone, oriented towards a lifestyle where differentiating content is relevant, or where professional productivity, combined with leisure, demands more space and adapted tools.

Quickly extending the screens, which double the usable area after opening, the new Galaxy is unique in the smartphone market and combines the flexibility and versatility that users’ current pace of life demands. With the best quality materials and robustness, the elegant design makes the new models an exclusive and future-proof option for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Already prepared for 5G networks, Samsung’s new smartphones are the third generation of foldables, a category in which the company is investing in innovation and in the development of more durable equipment that offers an improved experience even in terms of the use of the operating system Android. The new models arriving on the market today improve functionality and add water resistance for the first time to an already more robust set of features.


Within the foldable category there is no smartphone that compares to the new Galaxy, but the Z Fold3 5G and the Z Flip3 5G are options that are aimed at different audiences. While the Z Fold3 5G is a productivity and entertainment tool, with multitasking capability and impeccable performance, the Z Flip3 5G fits into the lifestyle of those looking for style allied to functionality, with an elegant, compact and easy-to-use design fits in your pocket.

But what are the truly differentiating features? There’s a lot to discover in the specs of the new Galaxy, highlighting 5 options that separate the new foldable from other smartphones:

Less space

The new models take up less space in the pocket, but bring more screen to use when opened. The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G has the same format as a “normal” 6.2-inch smartphone, which folds into a 7.6-inch screen, ideal for taking notes from a meeting, watching videos or replying to emails. The Galaxy Z Flip3 is even smaller, and the shell shape with an external display makes it comfortable for those who want to keep up with notifications without having to open the phone.

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More content

Doubling the screen size when they are open also doubles the ability to create and view content. But it’s not just the usable space that contributes to this. There are also functional improvements to the Android operating system, with the Flex Mode feature that makes applications easier to use, combining multiple open windows and dragging content between them. The S Pen pen is a perfect help for Z Fold3 5G users, and Samsung has two models available, between the S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen Pro, prepared to be used on the smartphone screen without damaging it.


There are many innovative technologies inside the new ones, and most of the innovations are hidden from view. Still, they are felt in the way smartphones achieve greater flexibility and smoothness in opening and closing, in the quality of screens and cameras, and also in their robustness and durability. Hideaway Hinge technology allows smartphones to stay open at any angle. For the first time in a foldable smartphone, the Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G are IPX8 certified, water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the effect of rain splashes.


From end to end, the new Galaxy brings the best of Samsung design, with the strongest and best quality materials, a sturdier aluminum body, and a Corning Gorilla Glass Victus glass cover. The entire design was thought to be differentiating, not only in the format and materials, but also in new modes of use, which are reflected in the colors, covers, and ring grips, which make it easier to hold and fold the phone.


Making a video conference while replying to an email, or checking meeting notes in another window, is now easier with the new. You can have multiple windows open at once, create a shortcut and reopen apps later, or quickly switch between apps with the Z Fold3 5G’s Taskbar. The Z Flip3 5G also allows you to be more efficient, with the external screen showing the most important notifications and the incorporation of Samsung Pay so that you can make payments easily.

Here is also photography that stands out with the possibility of taking selfies in Flex mode, or keeping the Z Flip3 5G folded and using Quick Shot with two touches of the smartphone’s power key.

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